Date Cake

This is very nice and keepsake rec for a very simple cake. I was searching for some eggless cake rec. when Google search took me to this rec on aayi's Blog...I did try this with the Baking Powder version, but guess it did not work for me.. so I substituted it with ENO-Fruit Salt.. which can be found in any Indian Grocery store...It's basic use to relive from Gas Trouble but ppl like me use it for Baking too...I used to use ENO for Dhokhla, (will update the rec in the coming months)...but that gave me an idea.. so now its  a sure hit...I did not wnat to use a lott of frosting and kill the taste of this cake.. The dates give it a nice velvet taste which is not very strong to stand on its I used the simple fork and spoon and dusting powdered sugar technique...The cake is  asure hit in evry home and sweet memories for you and your family...

The rec is at;

With dates of Love
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