Part 3 Tiered Cake

Part 3 of the Wilton cake classes brought us to working with Fondant. The Fondant is basically sugar and water cooked till it forms a dough which can be used to cover the cake or make lovely roses.

More About Fondant;

I basically don't like the taste of the Fondant, but it is amazing if you want to add craft on the cakes.. like make baby bottles for a baby shower cake or any such things...My instructor said that there are only two ways about Fondant covered cakes... either it looks good or tastes good.. nothing much than that.. so coming back to the coursework... Part 3 advanced our skills in working with Royal icicng and making more flowers.. Lilies are all that I could really master in them .. so as you can see my Cake looks like  a flower shop gone wild....I had to take 2 cakes either frosted with Butter cream icing or covered with Fondant.. I had already promised my kids that they could take this cake for Teachers appreciation week in school, I stuck to what his teachers liked.. So Buttercream was way to go........I had Fondant roses made in the class, so used those as well.. My instructor was a strict teacher when it came to learning.. but she allowed us all the freedom to work on our here was my  cake for Part 3 of the Wilton classes.. am so sad that I could not take the Fondant and Gum Paste class.. but nevertheless there will be a time and date when I can make it to that class as well., long I to say Goodbye... U bet.. I will never say Good bye.........

Run behind your dreams and try to fulfill your passions for life is so short... best wishes and love to u all!!!!!!

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