Virgin Twisted Banana Pina Strawberry Parfait

Hello Dearies!!! Today I present to you a very  easy and quick breakfast item which can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. The idea came to my mind, when Indiblogger announced  the Del Monte contest. We have been using fruit snack cups by Del Monte since my kids were born. They are super easy to carry and convenient and they are real fruit minus the syrup, I always discard the syrup as it is too sweet for me.  Being a non drinker even socially, I  always ask for the mocktail to be made virgin, so pina colada is one of my go to drinks when we are out and at formal dinners. My Donut loves coconut milk and anything with coconut in it, unlike my younger munchkin. Guess he takes after his mom and Donut after his dad.

Now that school has started, I am always thinking of what to give for breakfast. The usual milk and cereal is not for kids in Ashland. They drink a glass of milk, but no cereal. They eat cereal like a snack but they dislike the soggy cereal much like Ms. Ash. Guess the apple did not fall far from the tree. So I made this parfait today for them. Who would resist this yummy breakfast. Thanks Indiblogger/Del Monte, for planting the seed in my little head, which motivated me to use the ingredients wisely and come up with something nice for the kids in the morning.

This is for the Indblogger and Delmonte contest. FB Link

You will need;
1 pineapple del monte snack pack 

1 ripe banana
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tbspn organic agave syrup
1 8oz cup plain/ raspberry yogurt
** I use rasberry yogurt as I had it on hand, use plain or Greek yogurt if you like.
1 tbspn Granola Mix
1 tbspn strawberry jam 

In a blender mix the agave syrup, banana, pineapple and coconut milk. In a nice clear glass/bowl, take the strawberry jam at the bottom, blended fruit mix and top with yogurt and Granola Mix, and set it in a fridge till it sets. usually for about an hr or so, enjoy the dessert that is not only good for you but  loaded with health. This is my entry for the Del Monte contest. If any of you are o the Indiblogger network, do give me a nice shout out.

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