Batman Cake

In continuing with the superhero theme, I made this cake for my Nephew birthday party. I had the superman and the spider man on one cake, then we all felt bad that poor Batman could not be a part of the whole superhero we decided to make a three tiered cake with spiderman as the lowest tier then the batman and then the per our plans I prepared the boxed mix for one 10 inch cake and one 6 inch cake. it was past midnight and we realized that we were all out of eggs...what  a girl to do in such situation???

My sweetest SIL offered to run down the convenience store and garb a dozen eggs, but I would not agree to it....I am very traditional at heart.. imaginary robbers, thugs and ghosts scare my mind even at the thought of anyone walking down those black roads past midnight.. and you think I would let my dear one alone on that path....NO way!!!!

We still were facing the no eggs at home scene...Necessity is the mother of invention...Then it stuck me why not simply cut the eggs part and bake it anyways...then MY SIL remembered having Mango Puree stashed in her pantry.. I had already used mango puree instead of water in My Burger Cake; so I knew in my heart that this would definitely work.. we were back on track and this turned out to be the most popular cake of all three cakes that I baked that day!!!

Sometimes it's necessary to make do with what you have rather than simply give up with what you don't!!! This logic if applied to our life, would solve many hidden potential tiffs and worries...Cheers to a stress free life!!!

Love Ash.
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