Popeye Pancake

By Now you must have guessed that I don't like to spend  a lot of time in my kitchen when there are multiple things happening around me, my kiddos making a Lego car wash, Mr. Ash taking pictures of their creations, we all get involved in the imaginary world of pretend play washing and caring for our cars..till HUNGER Strikes and Ms.Ash realizes that she had forgotten all about dinner...

This Popeye Pancake is a dosa/pancake is made from spinach and corn..Spinach Dosa is just so plain and BORING..and who needs boring food after a fun game of pretend Lego carwash..Rite!!!
And also partly because if you do not make things interesting, food looses its charm..This is one lesson I learnt from the juice vendor outside my Law School..he made all sorts of juices..For eg;
mara-mari=orange and mosambi juice
anarkali= orange,mosambi and so...

Hence this name, it's all about marketing nowadays. if you want your kids to eat home food without whining, change the name. I plan on making many more interesting food stuff in future.. like maybe a Lego sandwich(Cakewich) and a Wonder Pet Snack( Celery sticks). I tell you kids will eat anything if they see their favourite characters eating it on TV.
You will need;

1 cup Wheat flour -
1 cup pureed Spinach--Blanche spinach leaves in boiling water and grind into paste
1 chopped Big onion
1 cup mixture of corn and peas,
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin-coriander powder
1 green chili - chopped fine
1 tbsp chopped curry leaves
Salt and Sugar to taste
2 tbsp refined oil


Add all the other ingredients with wheat flour and water as needed and mix well. Mixture should be like a pancake mix, not runny but flowing. Heat Dosa Tava/Pan on low flame and grease it with oil . Spread dosa batter like a pancake..and let cook on one side, then turn over after a min and cook the other side well. cook covered if needed..

Enjoii when its still hot.. from pan to plate should be JUST fine....

Love Ash.

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