Shoutout for Doughnut or DoNut

What do you call a Doghnut or Do-Nut??? I prefer a Donut as I feel I am eating a treat rather than Dough Nut ..it just sounds very DOUGHY to me..uncooked blob of dough...I am weird..I agree..so let's move on...

I had made the Vanilla Buttermilk Cake more than once at my home, but people in Ashland crave variety..so if u repeat things too many times around here, they kind of start disliking things...so I added few sprinkles and baked the batter in the donut pan I had purchased from ACMoore, baking donuts at home has handed me  the MOM OF THE YEAR in Ashland...I have baked all sorts of cake batters in that pan..only problem is I got only ONE pan, so I cannot make more than 6 Donut...but anything n moderation will work for me...like cut your cake and eat it too!!!!

I had some chocolate chips that needed some attention, so I made a simple chocolate sauce and covered the Donuts in the sauce and used up all the sprinkles I had...

Now make some and forget the race for the MOM OF THE YEAR award as once you start making this at home, the AWARD will race home to you.

Love Ash.
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