Burger and Fries--Cake

The name says it all....I did make this cake for my sweetheart's b'day... Lately my husband has been travelling like wanted to make him a cake that will make him happy and yet one that he would remember when we get old....building small memories....I was searching for  a cake that resembles travel, work...I came up with basic ideas.. like making a Cell phone cake..IPhone would have been manageable.. but he does not own one...Blackberry would have killed I did not even DARE...then came  a laptop.. but again the detailing and assembling would have been an issue....HE HATES FONDANT!!! so piping all those numbers is crazyyyyy.. then I stuck upon this idea.. He eats pasta or burgers all the time.. as he is a Vegetarian and when he travels, he has less options..Pizza, Burgers or Pasta is available easily without much cake would have been an awesome idea...instead I found this site.. What Talent Ms. Bakerella has......She even has her own book.....

(If I could ever  meet her in person.. Dream on Ash!!!!!
Never say maybe some day some way I could really meet her....Like when I am sitting ALONE at a airport waiting to board my flight.. and there she is on her way to many many non stop book signing tours and I meet her....I know it happens only in movies or on TV.. But MY my rules...and besides you never know what Life may throw at I better make my list of Q's to talk to her...)

While I make my list; you can find all fun details of the cake on her site.

I changed few things in my cake....but used the same basic idea about the burger and the fries...MY husband was tricked thinking he is eating a french fry when it really was a  Sugar cookie!!!!!
I used the boxed cake mix to bake a 6 inch round cake and added mango puree instead of water and also used cream cheese cool whip frosting for the buns..the center layer I covered with choc ganache..and then assembled the cake as she has shown in her pictures.. I topped the cake with almond shivers, did not want to use sesame on my cake, besides I has serious doubts if they would even be  be seen....I don't have easy access for  a colour printer so I made  a bag for the fries out of parchment paper... it was  a Fun cake to make and my elder son confirmed that this was the best burger he ever had..........

Cream cheese cool whip frosting, rec I found on the Cook Site

8 oz. tub of Cool Whip
4oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. Confectioner sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream the sugar and cream cheese and then add the vanilla and beat for few mins....then fold in the cool whip lightly do not break the frosting.. this is a very delicate frosting so you need to work fast and in a cool place..I did cool the icing at every stage.. Once the cream and sugar mixture was done.. I kept the bowl in the fridge for 10-15 mins and then folded in the cool whip...

Chocolate Ganache
one cup milk choc chips
one tbsn oil

Using double boiler method.. I melted the choc chips and added oil and stirred till the chips melted...while still hot I dipped the ends of the cake layer and allowed it to cool...My kids finished the choc ganache by dipping the extra cookie fries in them.. but you can dip strawberries/ bananas, pretzel sticks, cookies and so on....

Have fun making this cake and sending some love from my corner to yours.
Love Ash.
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