It's been a while that I had made this.. essentially an afternoon or 4PM snack.. My mom made this early mornings before we woke up as her idea was to make a few snacks for us to eat, when we had school breaks and we were at home...We were constantly hungry..don't know, if it was the heat of Bombay or the fact that we were always playing outdoors that had us in that state..but anytime we had any of the snack.. it was restassured that there would be none left for anyone after us..."U Snooze u loose was the logic" that we applied...Yeah, I was that smart even when I was young....or just plain greedy...well Smart is what I wil stick to...This snack is so good when it is warm....that if my mom ever tried making it when we were at home and awake....there would none be left for future snacking....so all or most of the snack making was late at night or early in the morning...Smartness runs in the family...I must say....

This is made on Diwali as  a part of the Faral/Snack.. but My mom almost always made it...It was like good 'OL choc chip cookie kind of go to for us....

You will need..
One small cup maybe 4 ounces.. Clarified butter_GHEE
Same Size Small cup Warm Milk
Same Size Small cup Sugar

All Purpose flour-- as needed to form a soft dough
Oil for frying

Mix the melted Ghee and warm milk and sugar and stir till sugar melts...then start adding the flours little by little..keep kneading the dough till the mixture takes all the flour and then knead it into a soft dough...the dough should not be sticky and should spring back when you poke it....Keep it covered for about 2 hrs....

Make small balls of the dough and roll out like you would to make cookies...then make thin strips with the pizza cuter in opposite directions to make small diamonds..one way is to start making strips in east west direction.. then stop and rotate the plate  on which you roll the dough clockwise...and then again make strips.. to form diamonds..
 Fry these diamonds in hot oil..drain and store in air tight container...They will stay good for more than 2-3 weeks.. if they do make it till those weeks........

This is the sweeter version, but you can make it salty or by adding cumin or carom seeds..reduce the sugar and add one or two tbspns of the seeds...

I will try to make this salted version some time after August.. as I may be absent from the blogging scene till that time...I am not quitting blogging as some of you might think...just that You might have notice I am awfully slow now on posting.. I need this time off to prepare for and research ....I am cooking the usual stuff ; but nothing great that needs to be blogged...Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck ..

Love Ash.
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