I love  love and love Shev.. Make it spicy by adding Red chilli powder or garlic or just about anything... and njoii it with chivda....

I am making Plain this time of the year as Festivals time, I refrain from using a lott of garlic in my food.

You will need
4 cups Besan or Gram flour
2 tbspn Rice Flour
4 tspns Red chili Powder
4 tspns Ajwain
salt and sugar to taste
Water to mix the batter into a thick paste
Oil for frying

In a bowl mix the flour with the red chili powder, ajwain, salt and little water.. make a thick paste..
 the batter should be thicker than what we make for bhajji or bonda...and when you mix it with  a spoon it should require some muscle......Heat the oil required for frying in a wok or kadhai..Take a smuch oil as the shev wil immerse completely, around 2-3 inche soil should be good. When the oil is sufficiently hot, take 3 tbspn oil from that and add it to the batter... this will result in the crisper and lighter shev...use the Chakli machine with the shev disk....and directly pour the shev into the hot oil.... fry till reddish colour, on both sides and drain on a paper towel.

Shev is a idela snack as it cna be mixed into some chivda, or enjoyed as is.. add garlic to the batter, or even dry potato flakes, and njoiiiiiiiiii.

Love Ash.

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