Pohe or Thin Rice flakes Chivda

Second on my fav list is Thin Rice Flakes Chivda

You will need,

3 lbs Thin Rice Flakes
1 cup Peanuts Roasted
1/2 cup Cashews
1cup Raisins
1 Cup Daliya
1/2 Almonds roasted
Green Chilies-- 10-15
Curry leaves about a handful
Salt Sugar, Corriander and Jeera powder
2 tbspns Chivda Masala- Optional but highly recommended

Regular tadka stuff,--Mustard seeds, Jeera, Hing Turmeric

IN  a wok, dry roast the rice flakes till they get roasted .. meaning if you crush a few flakes, they should form powder... this is a good sign that they are roasted well..
Now remove these roasted flakes in a tray.. let it cool...
in the same wok, heat the oil, add the mustard seeds, jeera, choppedgreen chillies, curry leaves, peanuts, daliya, almonds and cashews.. fry for two mins then add raisins, salt and sugar... again fry for one minute.. lastly add the Roasted thin flakes, chivda masala and stir well.... lastly add the coriander and Cumin powder, Stir well.....
Njoiii this Chivda with onions and tomatoes...or as is.

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