Sweet and Sour Veggies

MY love for Indian Chinese had made me try this rec..I absolutely love Chinese food specially the food That I used to hog on when I was in college.. my nutritious lunch as we called it.....

you will need..

one big onion diced
one green bell pepper-diced
10 baby corns--small dices
half red bell pepper
cauliflower florets/broccoli florets..
one inch ginger-finely chopped
3 cloves garlic- finely chopped

For the sauce

one tbspn soy sauce
one tbsn..chili garlic paste
two tbspns tomato ketchup
salt and sugar to taste...

Mix all the sauces ..add salt and sugar.. and keep aside

In a wok.. heat oil...add the ginger and garlic....fry for a min or so.... then add veggies.. and on a high flame...stir fry them...once the veggies are half cooked,,... add the sauce's... little water and cook them..till the veggies are cooked but do not loose the crunch.... finally if you like add one tspn corn flour, mixed in water and cook for one minute..

The sweet and sour veggies are ready...Njoiii with steamed plain white rice or some Hakka Noodles here  or Tava Pulav Here

Love Ash.

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