Tava Pulav

Recently I had  a party at home, and as usual had leftover Vegetable Pulav, IT often happens to me, as I am left with Pulav or Jeera Rice, which by itself is not enough, so I have to make a Curry or Dal again. After cooking for guests I am in no mood to spend time cooking again, so this rec helps me empty my Fridge once in a while and is very popular with kids and elders as well.

You will need;
2 cups cooked rice/ vegetable pulav or jeera rice
1/2 onion chopped
 1 small tomato
1 Tsp Ginger/ Garlic paste
1 Tsp pav bahji Masala
1/2 mix of chopped spriing onion/ corn peas pr any vegetable-- if you are using Rice without vegetable.
Oil for temnpering
Water as needed
Salt and Sugar

In a pan over medium heat, heat oil, add the ginger garlic paste, add the onions, tomatoes fry for 2 mins , then add the vegetables, add little watr and let cook for  1 minute, then add the pav bhaji masala, mix well, add salt and suagr, mix well and lastly add rice with little water. Stir well and cover. Cook for abt 3 mins.  The rice should not be liquidy but slightly sticky. once you get to this stage, the rice is done...garnish with Cilantrio or Spring Onion, add a dash of lime if needed and Njoii Tawa Pulav.

 Traditionally this is a Street food , which I have hogged on many years, when I was in college in Amchi Mumbai. Here in US, I missed those days and came back to my all time Fav food.
I do not have the big Tawa or Flat pan.. so I made it in a skillet/pan...but retained the name as  a  Memory for those bygone days.
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