Puran Poli and Katachi Amti

Holi re holi!!
Purnachi Poli!!

So here goes my rec for Puran Poli;;so many memories are attached to this dish.. where do I start.. may be birthdays..special occasions, My mom always made and still does make these fab poli's...everyone has a different version, but I follow Mum's rec to the T....

you will need
For the Puran;
3 cups Chana Dal
2 cups Gul or Jaggery
1 cup sugar

IN pressure cooker, add the washed dal and 7-8 cups water. Pressure cook for abt 7 whistles. let cool. once cool, strain the dal so that all water is separated and the dal is dry. Once again take this in a cooker and add gul and sugar. on low heat, cook this till the mixture starts leaving sides and starts sticking to the spoon. Keep stirring this from the time you put it on heat. You will reach a point when your arms will talk to you. The mixture will look dry and The spoon if made to stand will stand on it's own....your puran is done...

for the cover;
2 cups Flour/Atta
2 cups All purpose Flour
Generous Oil..and water

Make the dough like regular roti...cover with liberal amount of oil.. keep aside for 2 hrs.

.. Make balls of puran and the dough and then like stuffed parathas, make the poli's....on a medium heated tava, cook the poli well... apply ghee and serve hot...

For Katachi Amti;
You will need
Kat-water from the dal
Tamarind Juice/paste
Curry leaves
Red chili powder
Dry Coconut powder
Cumin seeds
Cinnamon stick
Salt to taste

Use the water you drained from the dal ( we call this water as "Kat") to this add one big tennis ball size of puran, little jaggery, little tamarind paste, red chili powder, curry leaves, salt and keep aside.
In a pan, roast Cumin seeds and dry coconut with cloves, peppercorns, Cinnamon stick. after the mix turns brown, grind it into powder. add this to the dal mix. Boil this mixture for about 10 mins. Garnish with Cilantro if you like.

This amti/dal goes well with Puran poli as well as Plain Rice with a dollop of ghee.
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