Guitar cake-- Molded two tone choc bubble wrap Guitar topper


Hello Sweeties!!!! Hope you all are enjoying February festivities at your end. By now you all must know that I am constantly searching new ways to make my cakes interesting. I hope to learn something new with each cake I attempt.

I like to learn some new technique some new way of making my cakes whenever I make for some one special. I have a love bond with my cakes and that makes the cakes extra special for me. 

If I don't love the end result, its not fair to expect that the person for whom I make them, will love it. I know in this cake the strings are not clean, straight and look messy, but I made them with gel icing, as I was not sure how the thin strings with fondant would hold up and I was all out of ideas. I searched high and low for black licorice thread, but was not able to find any. So had to do with what I had on hand.
Guitar cake-- Molded two tone choc bubble wrap Guitar topper

I was not going to use any sort of icing, so needed some thing to make the cake topper look like a guitar, so made this topper with a bubble wrap and melted chocolate. To make it appear authentic I mixed some swirls of dark chocolate in melted white chocolate and stirred it gently just to make it look like wooden specks, It did not turn out as it sounded in my head, but none the less, I loved my attempt.

I used the same cutout I made from paper for the chocolate topper and the cake to make it the same size. The orange is all marshmallow fondant leftover from a Disney Dusty planes cake I made for my nephew.  Hope you all enjoy my cake attempts and keep your grace on me.

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