Sharpie mugs- DIY Craft

Sharpie mugs- DIY Craft

Hello Dearies!!! This is my latest obsession with a sharpie marker and white mug. This craft does not need a lot of time, time you may take to design the mug and bake for 30 minutes. 

However simple it may sound, there are a few pointers to keep in mind before you  bake these beauties. 

1. Sharpie markers come in different colors, tips and bases. Take  an oil based  marker. The regular marker fade away and even a slight harder scrub while washing will result in the design coming off.

2. Draw a thicker design, the thicker the lines the better they will look and stay longer.

3. Bake hot. Most people who do this craft will tell you to bake at 300-350 degree F for 15 mins, but baking at 400F up for 30 minutes did the trick for me. Each oven varies, so use your judgment as you know your oven well.

4. Hand wash only, Although the oil based marker is permanent after baking, why take chances. Handmade is so precious so skip the dishwasher and hand wash only for longer shelf life.

I am making these in multiples now, they are  sudden hit with all my friends and family. They do make awesome and quick gifts. Keep an eye on this space, you will be seeing a lot of warli and madhubani art done on these mugs pretty soon.


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