Kokum Serbet

Kokum Serbet
Hello Sweeties!!!!! Today,  I bring to you a very Maharashtrian drink. The main ingredient is Kokum or Kokum Fruit also called as garcinia indica a fruit bearing plant from the mangosteen family. IT is easily and widely available in Indian grocery stores.

My memory of this drink goes back to my childhood days. All kids were packed to my granny home or my aunts home in Nagpur when schools got over. The summer camp culture was unknown to our parents.

Beating the heat frugally and yet keeping all 10 kids hydrated was my granny task. She stocked many such drinks popular being Rasna, which we all kids made together. My aji/granny disliked Rasna as it was junk according to her all with artificial colors and flavors but for us kids it was  a drink from heaven, ohh so sweet and soo good for us!!!!

She made this  kokum serbet and limbu pani as in home made lemon made. But now when I made this kokum serbet I realize this is really good stuff with all natural ingredients.

You will need;
 1/2 cup kokum soaked in 1 cup warm water
1 cup sugar
1tspn Roasted jeera/ cumin powder
Salt to taste
Water to dilute the pulp.

 Add Sugar to the soaked kokum. Grind it fine. Sieve the pulp through a mesh and reserve the pulp. Add the salt and the jeera powder and stir and reserve.  Take  a glass; add 1/3 rd of the pulp fill the rest with water and stir. Add ice cubes or chill to enjoy a refreshing drink that's not only tasty but good for your health too.


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