Food Fun- DINO puris for kids- Kids Lunchbox

Food Fun- DINO puris for kids- Kids Lunchbox
Hello Dearies!!!! Times flies at the light speed. Summer just started and by the time we realize, schools will be opening and we will be back to the same questions. Kids lunchbox ideas. 

I keep thinking of making a fixed weekly menu, but by the end of first two weeks of school, I get lost and am back to scratching my brains every morning.

I have tons of fun cookie cutters. I am a pack rat and I heart all things cute.Most of my visits to Home Goods come back with cookie cutters, vases, pitchers, anything under $5. 

I found these Dino Shapes in one such trip to the store. They were too big for cookies, so were stashed away at the back. Every time, I chanced upon them, I thought next time I will use it for something.

My kids are not in the age where they will enjoy food in fun shapes, they are entering teens and at this point any food that resembles junk is welcome by them. But this is  a cool way of making your kids eat what you want them to eat without any fuss or excuses.

Recipes for puri's
Kasuri Methi puri
Palak Paneer Puri
Avacado Puri

Hope you enjoyed todays fun post as much fun as I had making it for a dear friend.


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