Low Fat Chivda-- Poha Papad Chivda

Poha Pappad, Low Fat chivda.

 Hello Sweeties!!! Most moms of teenage kids are searching for some fast and healthy snack ideas. This chivda fits the bill as its a healthy and fast snack; its good for kids and its good for adults watching their weight.

The only oil that is used; is to fry the papads and no other traces of oil can be found. This recipe was very new to me. I had my aunt from India visiting me who made this when I told her, that my Dr had ordered me to cut my weight and watch what I eat. 

This is a keeper recipe even if you are not watching your weight as it is a  life saver when you are always outdoors in the short summers that we get on the east coast.  
You will need;
1 lb Thin Rice Flakes

1/2 lb Murmure/Puffed rice
2-3 Urad Papad Fried 

1/2 cup Corn Flakes
Salt Sugar, Coriander and Cumin/Jeera powder and 1 Tspn Amchur or dry mango powder- approx 1/2 tspn each. 2 Tspn Bedekar Chivda Masala- Optional But highly recommended.
  In  a wok, dry roast the rice flakes till they get roasted .. meaning if you crush a few flakes, they should form powder... this is a good sign that they are roasted well..remove these roasted flakes in a tray.. let it cool...

In a mixing bowl, crush the fried papad and add the roasted thin flakes  puffed rice, corn flakes,and stir well.... add the salt, sugar, coriander and cumin powder, dry mango powder, chivda masala and stir well....Njoiii this Chivda.


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