Barista in the comfort of my kitchen-- Frothy Instant coffee

Frothy Cofee
Hello Sweeties!!! All my childhood Sunday afternoons went in stirring and mixing instant coffee with sugar and little milk, as our family enjoyed endless rounds of tea and coffee. 

We always had guests and my mom was always making snacks/dinners. So the task of continuous rounds of coffee and tea was on us teenage kids in the house.

Since my brother was elder and was away at hostel, who else but me could be given this endless and tiring job of stirring the coffee and sugar in a mug for minutes which did seem like hours then.

After coming here to US, I was so happy that you could enjoy any amount of Cappuccino, Mocha, espresso without working too hard. 

Now Baristas and CCD are everywhere in India, but I still missed the frothy coffee back home from my childhood days.  Now I was stirring and mixing instant Coffee and sugar willingly, just so that I could lick the froth from my lips and enjoy a true cup of frothy coffee.

IKEA came to my rescue with this cute little coffee/ milk frother. It takes the pleasure out of stirring, but its so easy and fast, that I can make this cup within minutes now. and more important part is NO MORE STIRRING!!!!Alas!!!!!

You will need;
1/2 cup milk- 2% is fine
1/2 Cup water
1 Tspn Nescafe Instant coffee
Sugar as needed

In a pot, take the milk and water and keep it to boil. In a mug, take the sugar and the coffee, add little milk from the pot, just abt a teaspoon, mix well. Then use the frother and  let it go for about 2 minutes. 

When the milk and water mixture boil, add it to the mug. If you want additional froth, Let the frother go for anr 30 seconds. Enjoy the Barista styled coffee in comforts of your own home any time any day.

I simply enjoyed the moments of licking the froth from my lips, it kind of took me back to my moms kitchen, many moons ago.

If you are wondering, I was given coffee and tea from a very young age, it was like regular norm if kids don't drink milk, add some tea and give, at least they have the milk needed.

I don't really encourage my kids to enjoy tea and coffee and its an adult drink for them in Ashland. One more thing my mom thinks we are internet parents as little tea never hurt anyone is what she stands for even today. 

Are all grandmoms like this? The rules for their kids suddenly disappear in thin air when the same comes for grand kids. What is your take on this? 

I would love to be one such nana someday. Spoil rotten and send sugar high grand kids to my kids, some sweet revenge, talk about payback.

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