HEAL the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race!!!!

It was yet Another Friday, last day of the week, when we kissed our kids, send them off to school like just another day. I reached work and around Lunch Time, I heard this news in a Yahoo Flash news. My world sort of stopped. I am in NJ and it happened in CT, my kids faces flashed across my work, I was in grief. I was in grief for all those unknown babies, those teachers and those parents whom I did not know but felt a huge connect. Friday at home was sober, Mr. Ash also I guess was having trouble coping. The very decisions of having made our home in US made us question ourselves. Are we really safe? A quick word with my neighbor who is recently exported to US from India, casually remarked, maybe she was trying to cope up with the move to US as in India there are terrorist attacks, bomb blasts, you always have that kind of FEAR if you would make it home safe and in one piece. We tried to go to the mall where holiday shoppers were in good mood, when I saw the radar flashing of Beware of Shop Lifters, people stealing, watch your purchases!!!! I am not so sure about the human race anymore. Holiday time was supposed to GIVE joy and happiness, spread peace.

"Where are we heading with this senselessness, acts and violence. Someday its the movie theaters, someday its the mall and now elementary schools. Is this the LIFE we imagined and want for our kids, Is this the kind of FEAR we want to enjoy small pleasures or even go to school with. RIDICULOUS."

All I hope is that this world is  healed with the illness that GUns and violence brings about with it. I also agree that it is the human mind that makes the gun do its job. IT can be to save a human not claim a life. The end of those innocent kids, teachers and parents, brought an end to the life of their families. Pray a silent Prayer everyday for the world to be healed.

Today - 17th December 2012 is National Blogging Day of Remembrance, the members of the blogging community have decided to observe  a day of remembrance for the people of Newton CT. My prayers to all those who lost their loved ones in the shooting.

This is a mental illness that these people are facing. More efforts in Healthcare reforms and  easy Councillors in school who are actually interested in treating them is what is the need of the hour. Councillors after the incident is not what is needed, although their efforts are much appreciated.

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