Carrot Salsa- 99th post for year 2012.

Hello Dearies!!! Today I bring to you a simple salad or salsa or koshimbir. While we were young, we were made to eat raw veggies at meal times. The argument given was it made your eyes strong. It all started when one of my cousin brothers was detected with Myopia. Now we were too young to understand what myopia was and why he wore those soda glasses, Yet they threatened us that eat the salads or get such big dark glasses. We were so naive into believing this and  kind of ate the salad made out of carrots, radishes, cucumbers and messy boiled pumpkin. The mere sight of the boiled red pumpkin being mashed with fingers creeps me out of eating it.

 Summers were always in Nagpur where my aunt had her own hospital and my granny lived with her. So we all were packed off to be with my aunt and my granny who was in charge of managing the kids and  making them do the daily activities. We were made to improve our writing and math skills. The one page of copy writing and  one set of tables never ever helped us in our studies, but it definitely made us smarter with the excuses. We eventually never did any of it, and the entire time went by in avoiding my granny and her endless list of questions. We confronted her only at meal times and between the 6-8 of us, she lost count of who did what. My aunt had  a pet dog who loved food. She ate anything and everything from milk, tea , roti to pumpkin. Guess with the amount of pumpkin koshimbir she consumed in those few years, she would have the sharpest eye sight than any living human. My memories about salads and koshimbirs go a long way. Now as an adult, my tastebuds have matured, except for the grossy pumpkin, I am willing to make  and taste salads. Few things I saw when I went to Whole Foods is the amazing range of salsa they have on hand. Mango Pineapple Capsicum was one such kind that I took fancy for. There was another one with Red Pepper, carrots and tomato and onion. To sum it and explain in better words, this was my moms koshimbir that she made almost 3 times a week with carrots, or cabbage or even with corn at times. And to pay $5 for one small box of what she always made for free, made me cringe a bit, burp a awkward burp and move on. I am trying to appreciate the koshimbirs and salads that were always an unwanted side on our plates back then to now growing up and trying to making a meal out of them.This is very easy and needs no cooking. The size of the vegetables can be fine or chunky, dice or shreds, whatever way you chop them it tastes amazing. So eat right and balanced food this holiday season. The sugar and sweet needs some healthy detox along too.

You will need;
3/4 th cup Shredded Carrot
1 Medium Ripe Tomato Diced
1 Small onion Diced
Salt to taste
 Pinch of sugar
Chopped cilantro
1 tspn Lime Juice

In a bowl, combine the  carrots, tomato and onions, sprinkle the salt and sugar and cilantro, lime juice and mix well. The salad is ready as a side or mix with an egg and fry an omelet. IT is very versatile and  lovely to eat.
Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!!!

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