Experiments with a new toy in Kitchen. Slow cooker Rice Porridge/kheer

Hello Sweeties!!! As you know November and December are birthday months in Ashland. Munchkin had his 5th Birthday this week, so as usual there was excitement in the air and lots of cake and gifting. We had a very small party at home, but the main party was in school, where I baked 30 cupcakes with angry bird cake topper rings one each. the kids were super excited. In the general net-browsing I found a cool interactive way an angry bird cake could be enjoyed, but that will be another post. Each happy occasion needs to be made extra special with some traditional sweet. So I made kheer for my munchkin on the following weekend.

During the mad Thanksgiving shopping, I adopted a slow cooker, poor thing was calling for help, that I could not turn my back o him. and besides it was for only $8 in Target. Mr. Ash could not see my point of view, but he has given up on the gadget battle long ago. so we got the baby home. I was in search of the recipe and few calls to my dearest friends who have been using slow cooker, gave me a general idea about what I need to expect and what care I need to take for effective results. Only Thing I will do is next time put it on at night, I started the kheer in the morning and it was really difficult to keep my hands away from it. I fiddled with it way too many times than the cooker would have liked, but hey get used to it; I am the BOSS here. It does take forever to cook, this took like 10 hours for 2 cans of evaporated milk and half cup of rice. But I am all for lazy ssslow cooking. Add, stir and cover and forget, its easy and You can do it too. I have a small 1.5 Q slow cooker, but with a small family, I guess it would be enough for us.

You will need;
2- 8 oz cans Evaporated milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup cooked rice(I used leftover)
1 tbspn milk masala.( Almond/walnut/cashew powder with Elaichi/Cardamom)

In the stoneware that comes with the cooker, add the milk, rice and sugar, stir once and set on high for the 1st hour. When you see a small boil, reduce to low and cook for 8-9 hours unattended. Its done when it changes its color and rice becomes transparent. Add in the milk masala and let cool.


There was  a film of malai/cream that was dark brown which solidified after cooling, I saved it a s Mr. Ash likes such food savings. This cream actually tasted like malai peda in a liquid form.

The kheer tasted divine after chilling.

I guess it would have been done at 7 hrs, next time will try for 7 hrs and update.

Watch out this space for more of slow cooked recipes. The kheer won a thumbs up from the birthday boy, and he sort of kept coming back for more. Next on the list is dal makhnai which I have heard people rave about after being cooked sslowlyyyyyyy.

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