Sprouted Beans Biryani- Blend of 12 Bean Sprouts Biryani.

Hello my Sweetpeas!!!! hope you all are doing fine, taking out time for your family and kids and showing your loved ones that you indeed appreciate them and care for them. Love from family is so easily taken for granted that at times we forget to appreciate the things our parents, siblings ever did or do for us. I never liked my mom sneaking veggies in my food, making me that horrible glass of milk every morning, or my brother watching me like a hawk while growing up, making me do my own things like keeping my shelf's clean, arranging my school work the night before or even ironing my own clothes. But they made me do this from a very early age so that I need not depend on anyone. This small routines build a kind of discipline in me that even now when packing for any trip, I kind of pack a couple of days ahead that in case I forget anything,. I still have a day on hand to pack that. Having a mental checklist of things to do is always helpful, when you have a demanding full time job and young boys to tend to. "No surprises at closing" is a very apt term for me. I dislike surprises, so no surprise birthdays ever worked for me, I mean why hide, when we can better prepare them to enjoy their special event. Most birthdays I went to where such Surprise was offered the birthday boy or girl said had they known they would at least have dressed appropriately. Most boys said at least they would shaved today!!!!! Ahhhh..boys will be boys..age no bar...

But one thing I absolutely love is when old and new friends drop by for a surprise visit. There is so much fun in the hassle that comes  with such guests. You have nothing to do and nowhere to go and suddenly someone calls, I am in your area, I am coming for Tea, if you are at home....The joy such calls bring know no bound and can never be measured. We live in a plastic world we created for ourselves, best friends need appointments to visit and catch up, calls have been pushed back by texts...I never had a Sunday morning as a kid, when we did not have our neighbors for Tea and was either we visiting them unannounced or they coming over. no need to dress up as it was the next door.. the wedding in anyone's home was  an apartment affair, even we were gifted new clothes and bangles like family by the hosts. Now you might be thinking what is the context of such surprises story and bean biryani...Coming to your questions and doubts, we  had a surprise BBQ in a park a couple of weeks back. Nothing planned, just few calls of what are you doing today and answer being nothing much, this picnic was decided. Since it was undecided and everyone got one item from the menu, I was allotted a rice item. Now that I am a Mom who takes her role pretty seriously I also sneak stuff/veggies in my food that my kids would otherwise not eat. They like rice and sprouts separately but if I had told them that I am asking sprout rice, I would have got negative response. So I made this bean biryani, which is packed with protein and a hit with all ages.

You will need;
2 Cups rice washed and drained.
1 Cup mixed sprouts-- I have a  12 bean mix packet. I always have sprouts ready for my use.

Making Sprouts;
In a big bowl take one cup beans, soak them in water for 8-10 hours and then drain the water, tie them up in a cotton cloth and keep them to sprout in a warm place for another 5-6 hours. Alternatively use the sprout maker.

1 finely onion chopped
 2 small tomatoes
1 Tsp Ginger/ Garlic paste
1 Tsp Biryani Masala
1 Tbspn Green chutney
4 cups boiling water
Salt and Sugar as needed


2 tbspn oil
1/2 tsp ghee/clarified butter
1 tspn paach phoran-( Blend of Mustard seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds,  black onion seeds and Cumin seeds.)
5-6 Peppercorns
3 cloves
1 Cardamom
1 inch stick cinnamon
In a pan over medium heat, heat oil, add the tempering ingredients, heat for a minute, do not allow the pepper and cloves to burn, add the onions, little salt, tomatoes and  ginger garlic paste, and fry till the masala gets cooked, and oil starts separating from the onion tomato mixture. Add in the biryani masala and let cook for a minute, then  add salt and sugar, mix well and lastly add rice and sprouts and the green chutney and fry till the rice and sprouts gets coated with the masala. Add the boiling water, cover with a lid or cook in a rice cooker til rice gets done. garnish with Cilantrio or Spring Onion, add a dash of lime if needed. Since I was taking this along I did not add in anything. Enjoii this healthy rice with some yogurt or as is.

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