Part 3-Gift Box Cake

Part 3 of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes introduced us to work with Fondant which is nothing but a dough of sugar and Water..IT is very forgiving and end results are amazing....we had to make a giftbox cake with a bow and ribbon. Hoefully, I have achieved what I set out to...Working with Fondant is easy if you keep some basics in mind...Since its made of sugar, IT dries very fast and does not stick to the cake as it breaks... so you nee dto design and plan your cake well in advance...YOU need Crisco or shortening while you knead the fondant and roll it.. grease liberally the rolling pin and the plastic sheet on which you would roll the fondant into a thin sheet..and then frost the cake with buttercream and then cover it with fondant sheet.. make a small pouch of cornstarch and dust the fondant covered cake.. then to put the strips of ribbon and other decorations made out of fondant, take Wilton's Vanilla essence and a small brush.. This will act as glue to help you stick it on the cake..Fondant Covered Cakes look very clean and real.. But I personally like cakes with Whipped cream Fondant is something I will not be using  a lott... specially if I want to eat that cake......
Till I bake again;
Love Ash.
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