Part 2-Wilton cake decorating experience

Part 2 of the wilton course is very exciting; based on what you learn in part 1, this session takes you ahead. In part 1 you get enough practices of handling buttercream icing, course2 takes a step ahead. Royal icing as the name says is a ROYAL PAIN.. but the effects are breath taking....basically the rec is same like buttercream but WITHOUT SHORTENING OR FAT.. any tiny weeny drop of fat will call for the disaster...My teacher made us buy the whole set of icing tips, containers and even asked us to buy brand new vessels to prepare the icing, as any moisture in the air could call for the GB( Garbage Bowl) treatment for the icing.
 Royal Pain icing like my teacher calls it rec is at;

 For the overall look of the Course 2 the video is uploaded by someone at Youtube;

Hope you all enjoy my cake tutorials as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Once again, MY video shooting is as bad as a Roller coaster ride, so please forgive me for using someone else's video...but again Sharing is learning....


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