Part 1

As promised I am back with my Wilton Cake class tips and recommendations as well as my experience.
This was my frist time that I worked with the Buttercream icing. It is very friendly and easy to work with, but did not score high on the taste mark for us.. it is way too sweet for my taste buds. BUT for first time decorators it is very forgiving and easy to handle and results are mind blowing. My instructor wa spretty strict and did not like us making any changes to her any creativity test had to be putt off til Part 2 finale cake....The first cake she taught was a simple rainbow cake. with the use of the waves and star nozzle.

The second cake we made had us making the roses. For the roses you need Stif consistency icing. The roses dont hold well if the icing goofs make the icing stiff you nee dto add more confetcioners sugar and to make it loose add couple of TEASPOONS of water. you willl need to try the recipe once to get the hold of things.

The basic Buttercream icing rec is as follows.

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