Panjiri-- Power House for new mothers

Hello Sweeties!!! Don't just abandon me for being missing. I am trying to post to the best of my ability, but since I am not learning any new recipes, posting has been awfully slow.

We are always in a rush that we tend to not have  a proper breakfast and grab a ton of sugar packed cereals or bars on our way out of the door. This recipe is for Panjri, which is commonly made in North Indian homes when someone has had  a major surgery or just had  a baby. Essentially packed with sugar, good fats and nutrition, this can be made where there are picky eaters or people with weak immunity or anyone who needs an extra boost of energy. I eat a couple of spoonful of Panjiri on days I have to skip breakfast.

The powder can be eaten mixed in warm milk to make porridge or kheer or as is.

You Will Need; 
2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
1 Cup plus 2 Tbspn ghee/clarified butter
1.5 cups Sugar-Confectioner or ground sugar

1/3rd cup sweetened coconut flakes
1 tspn Saffron/kesar
1 tbspn Pista Powder

1 tbspn Almonds- shivered
1/3 rd cup chopped Walnuts
2 Tbspn Edible Gum/Dink/Gond
2 Tbspn Crushed Fenugreek/Methi seeds
2 Tspn Cardamom Crushed or Elaichi powder

In a wok, heat the 2 tbspn ghee, fry the edible gum, till it blooms in the ghee. once fried, remove on a plate and let cool. Then crush the fried gum and keep aside.

In the same wok, take the remaining ghee, add the wheat flour and roast  on medium heat. Stir continuously taking care than the flour does not stick to the pan and burn. Stir for about 25-30 mins, till the mixture looks frothy and becomes really loose.

When the flour changes color add the crushed methi seeds and keep roasting for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously. Switch off the flame and let cool. 

When the mix is warm enough to dip your finger and add the elaichi, dink, coconut flakes, chopped walnut, saffron, shivered almond and pista powder.mix well and when completely cool, store in an air tight conatiner. The Panjiri can be stored at room tempatarure for about week.

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