Egg-less Mango Ice cream

Dear Sweeties!!! June is celebration time. Mangoes are found to be in season, so desserts and sweets with mangoes are  a staple around this time. Mango cream and mango cake is a favorite with Mr. Ash and kids. I overestimated the riping time and brought a overload of mangoes that happened to ripen at the same time. We love mangoes, but it were one too many for us to finish, so I put my ice cream maker bowls to good use and made some low sugar goodness.

You will need;
2 Cups heavy Whipping Cream
3/4th Cup Conf Sugar
1tsp corn starch
2 Mangoes cut into small pieces
Take the cream, add corn starch and sugar and whip in the stand mixer till soft peaks form. The base is ready. Add the mango pieces and run the whipping blade for another 2 minutes and mix well.

Remove the mixture in a frozen ice cream maker bowl. Cover the bowls with some cling film/plastic wrap and set in the freezer for 2-3 hours. 

The soft serve is ready after a couple of hours in freezer. If you want harder ice-cream, freeze overnight or minimum of 6-8 hours. Welcome the goodness of ice-cream with no eggs and no preservatives.

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