Mung Dal Dhokla- Tarla Dalal in my Kitchen.

Lentil Cake, Indian Lentil Cake

Hello Sweeties!!! What has Facebook surfing taught you? For me its the inspiration and motivation, I get from people posting about food. 

I learnt quiet a few things browsing through my Blogger friends FB pages. One such day I saw Manasi aka Cook @ Heart posting these dhoklas. They looked yummy to my eye and a quick chat exchange led me to the source.

Since I followed the recipe to the T I will not post the entire recipe again. But do make it. Some differences I found in my dhoklas as compared to the reviews were;
1. The dhoklas were heavy, not as light as the chana dal one's we normally make;
2. They did not rise much and the smell of mug dal was still present even after cooking through;

Expert dhokla makers, why do you think I would face this issue, is it the dal or the way I made it?? 

 I am sending this to Paris " ONLY event" hosted by Nalini's Kitchen



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