Hummus- Mediterranean Calling- dip it or lick it

Chickpeas Hummus

Hello Sweeties!!! How is it at your end of the world. Spring has arrived long back on our calenders yet there is nothing in air that feels like spring here in NJ. Its just so cold and windy. Its days or weeks like this that make me crave for some heavy protein dish. Some hearty and earthy dish. What better than chick peas, healthy legume and good source of protein for veggies like us.

I am experimenting with some new and no cook dishes lately. Work has been killing me and  I look forward to no cook, slog over stove dishes that can be done and kid approved instantly.
Mediterranean food has been attracting me since a long time. I have tried only Falafel, which I absolutely love. The Tahini + Red Sauce and lettuce +salad with bread and pattie has been the Mediterranean fix for  a classic subway sandwich, only better in my case.

I have been successful in making Pita from whole wheat on a gas stove, which many argue is not technically pita as it does intend to get stove marks, but whatever works for you, I say go for it. My oven was busy with other things and I had to get the lunch on time, I roasted the Pita on the stove.

Today I bring to you the classic dip Hummus. This is so easy that even my nine year old son could do it. There are not many things that you would need and still get such a tasty and easy dip in less than 5 minutes.

You will need;
1 cup chick peas, plus some for garnish
**I used canned
**Alternatively, soak 1 cup chickpeas overnight  and boil al-dente with salt
1-2 cloves garlic
2 tbspn sesame seeds soaked in water
1 tspn cumin seeds roasted
1/2 cup EVOO/Olive Oil + 1 tbspn for  coating
2 tspn lemon Juice 
salt to taste
red Cayenne pepper to sprinkle 

In a food processor, take all the above except cayenne pepper powder and  1 tbspn olive oil, and pulse till you get a smooth paste. You can go for ultra smooth or chunky, its up to you. Remove this in a bowl and  add the reserved 1 tbspn Olive oil and sprinkle the Cayenne powder. Garnish with few chickpeas.

The dip is ready for some pita/chips or as is. Donut licks the bowl as is. Its that good.

I am sending this to Paris " ONLY event" hosted by Nalini's Kitchen



Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

Very very yummy...

Manasi said...

I love hummus! If in India someone would have told me of this, I would have scoffed, thanks to blogging, a new world has opened up.
and how for vegetarians like us!

I am planning on making some soon, am in a kind of a slump :(
Ooooh, soft pita, falafel ith a generous ( over generous, in my case) smear of hummus and other fixin's, yummmmmm! Perfect for the 'awesome mausam' (read rainy) here!

I have been typing up a post for the last3-4 days, no end result... :(

divya said...

Wow I am drooling over here... Soooo goooood

Gauri said...

This is my absolute favourite, I was first introduced to hummus by my friend in Pune and since then there has been no looking back! Wow, Pita on tava, please post that too, I agree whatever works for u, go for it. I hoe the work pressure reduces and u have a lazy, enjoyable spring break!