Khekda Bhaji-Onion Fritters

Hello Dearies!!!! What does rain, wind and storms bring to your mind? Do they want you to hide curl under the sheets and wait till the thundering pass, or do they  brighten your thoughts and you sort of look forward for happy family night outs in candle light and sipping hot chai with some fritters? 

People in Ashland are the second type, who make sure to relax after all heads are counted, i.e., everyone is settled at home, the party then starts. Be it snow storm, rain storm, the menu does not change. We make these onion fritters or khekda bhaji( Crab Shaped Fritters), Varan and bhat for dinner. If we are lucky to have power we enjoy a movie, if not we enjoy making shadow shapes with our fingers in candle light; Small things bring great joy.

You will need;
3-4 Onions cut in thin strips
Besan or chick peas flour to coat the onion, approx 2 cup 
1 tbspn fine sooji/rava/Cream of wheat
1Tbspn Red Cayenne pepper powder
1 tspn Haldi/Turmeric
1 Tbspn Coriander powder
1 tbspn Cumin powder
1 tbspn Cilantro chopped    
Salt to taste 
2 cloves Garlic- Optional 
Chat Masala to sprinkle-Optional
Little water to mix the flour
approx 2 cups oil for frying

In a bowl, take the onion and separate the strips as much as possible, salt it well, and keep aside for 10-12 mins. The onions will sweat, add the powders, garlic, and coat the onion well, keep aside for another 10 minutes. After the onions sweats and gives out some liquid, mix in the rava and the besan flour, stir well and let it sit for 5 minutes. Add the cilantro and water if needed. The mixture should be lumpy and not watery. Heat the oil till it smokes, then reduce the heat to medium. Use  a tablespoon to  drop the onion mixture in the hot oil, fry till they get cooked and  a nice brown color. Drain on the paper towel and sprinkle chat masala on them while hot. The fritters can be enjoyed with tomato ketchup or green chutney  or tamarind date chutney.

Whichever way you make and enjoy, stay connected and drop me a line, we are now also on G+.


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