Angry Bird Raids Ashland-- HB Donut!!!

Hello Dearies!!!! How is the festive season  in your home!! We had a bad start for the holiday season but now that we are on our two little feet doing the happy feet dance, we are back in action with the festivities. Donut has his birthday falling on the same day as Laxmi puja which is an important day in the Diwali celebrations. Goddess Laxmi or wealth is decorated and her puja is done to welcome wealth and prosperity in our homes and lives for the year ahead.

I found a short story explaining the importance of Laxmi Puja;

A story associated with Goddess Lakshmi and an old lady explains the importance of performing Lakshmi puja on Diwali. This Diwali Lakshmi puja katha narrates the significance of lightning Diya (lamp) on Diwali night.

One day Goddess Lakshmi was roaming on earth. It was the Kartik Amavasya day – no moon day in Kartik month. She roamed and forgot about night approaching. Because of the darkness created by no moon day, Goddess Lakshmi lost her way and decided to stay among humans on the day.

But when Goddess Lakshmi looked around she found that all the houses were closed and there were no Diya (light) burning.

After roaming for a while she came across a home which in which a Diya was burning. It was a dilapidated hut of an old woman.

When Goddess Lakshmi reached the hut, the old woman invited her into the home and said that it was not safe for a maiden to roam around on a dark night.

She offered the little food that was in her home and made bed for Goddess Lakshmi.

The next day morning when the old woman woke up she found that the maiden had gone.

To her surprise, the old woman found that her dilapidated hut had become a palace and she found gold and diamond scattered all around.

From that day people started lighting lamp on the night of Kartik Amavasya believing Goddess Lakshmi will visit their home.

Now you know the importance of lighting diya/lights on Diwali days we will come back to this cake.
Donut turned Nth year and he started off wishing for no cake on his big day. Why You ask??? I do not know. He felt that maybe he was too old for the cake and hats and singing or he might have felt its too much work for his poor mom on a working day. Whatever he feels, I cannot imagine any Bday without any cake, so I set to work with no plan on hand. I decided to take baby steps and go by what pops in my head. Frankly after a days work and diner and clean up, my mind is in kind of  vegetable state, it kind of stops functioning.  So I went ahead with the trusted Vanilla Buttermilk cake recipe, which has never failed me in taste and  texture. When I was done with the cake and cooled it in the freezer for quick cooling, I frosted it with Whipped cream vanilla pudding icing.  Then again I was staring at the blank cake for about 5-10 mins, when I found the cake topper ring my Munchkin had saved for me from one of his class birthday parties. Ha Ha. finally  raided my gel pens stash and found the basic red and black pens, so Angry Bird was the way for us.. I was skeptical of doing the bird with free hand, but It worked and I could do it. I traced the bird outline with a toothpick and then drew with the gel pen. The recipe for the icing is very simple.

** Whipped Cream icing can be made by using simply Heavy Whipping Cream and Conf Sugar,, The Rec is as Follows..
One Cup heavy Whipping Cream
Half Cup Conf Sugar
**One packet Instant pudding mix. OR IF desired One Packet Unflavored Gelatin dissolved in water.-- OPTIONAL

Take a bigger bowl and keep some ice cubes in that.. Over the cubes place anr bowl. Take one cup cream and add sugar and Pudding mix( if needed )... and beat with electric mixer for about 5-7 mins on medium till soft peaks are on the blade. The icing is ready.
This morning when I showed the cake to my Donut, he was very happy and said he always wanted the angry bird cake but he thought it would be  a lot of work. Hope you all like my efforts and enjoy making such cakes for your family and loved ones.  The smile he gave me after looking at the cake was worth wining the jackpot for me.

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