Doll Cake 2

Hello Dearies!!!! Today is another Doll Cake. Seems like all small ladies fancy being a princess at some point of their life. There was  a time when Ms. Ash was not so little girl and New Barbie dolls were introduced in India, this was probably the mid 80's, but Ms. Ash had  a fancy for the doll, the clothing line and the shoes that were each sold separately and yes, there was a stand also that you had to get if you wanted to display the doll in the china cabinet in the living room. Now the cost was one issue, convincing her mom was a challenge.

The doll was priced at around Rs 95 and the stand was for approx around Rs 25. I remember the prices so well as my Mom had made a deal that either buy a doll or a dress and save Rs 30. This was  a time my dear friends when dresses and toys were only brought on Birthdays or Diwali. We had school uniforms, so the play time was minimum and the home clothes were old clothes that were no longer good enough to wear at functions or special days. This is was not coz we were poor or that my parents could not have afforded, but it was a trend then, people did not go shopping to malls every weekend and picked up stuff just coz they liked it. There were no malls, but shops that were owned by locals. The dresses were displayed in the glass cabins in these shops, we stared and glared at them till the day of shopping was fixed and hoped and prayed that they had it in your size. Shopping days were like a day long event. My mom and dad split with each one of us, depending on whose shopping was Urgent. Dad took my brother and mom took me and we ventured out in a crowded train to go Shopping to Dadar, the shopping hub in Bombay. Then disappointed that we do not go and shop at the shop near my school where I have my eyes on what I want, I tag along in hopes of finding something much better. MY MOM argues about the price and quality being better in shops in Dadar. Either ways she has to promise a lunch break in Prakash hotel with a bhel in the evening for me to agree to. IT was  a trick I thought my mom did not know, but she knew it and played all along every year. Such are Moms and mine is so special. However she never agreed to buy me that Barbie arguing that if the doll cannot stand on her own, she should not be Rs 95, and if she is that thin then she is obviously not a good influence on Ms Ash. So instead she got me  a FAT and PLUMP doll for RS 25, saying see she needs no stand, she stands on her OWN!!!! ALAS!!!!!!!!

Now things are changed, my kids do not know the joys and anticipation in such shopping trips. We mostly shop Online now, to cut the drive and  save time. Mostly its the rants and faces my kids make and the naughtyness they do in stores that I prefer shopping online. Once we were shopping when my Donut was about 2 and he was in the stroller, while checking out, he picked up the necklaces that were displayed on the stand. We paid the bill and stepped out of the store. It has been a habit that I check the bills and stuff in the bag and only after doing that I turn around and go to my car. I realized Donut being exceptionally occupied with something, so I checked on him and he had picked up 3 dangling pieces and was trying to chew on the label. I gasped and thought the alarm did not go,I did not pay for them, they might book me for shop lifting, so I did what every responsible shopper does, and hanged my head in shame, and walked back to the store and explained the sweet lady what happened.. I also agreed to pay for them even if I do not wear such jewellery. But she was very kind and said this happens all the time but very few actually come back and do what you did, so she gave us candy and walked us to the door.  Lesson learnt, online is so much better. Besides once you start online shopping, in store shopping seems unachievable.

Sorry got carried away with the shopping stories, back to this cake. My friends have now been my regular clients for any cake needs. The kids take pride in announcing that they will be getting a never seen in stores cake now, which is Big Thumbs up for me than any medal. I appreciate their confidence but giving me some time to think, plan and design will not hurt anyone and I can do better jobs. My friend called me at work during Lunch one fine day and said Can you make my Princess a doll cake? I instantly agreed, as I long to make girl cakes and hardly ever get any chance. When I asked her when she needs the cake she was like tomorrow at 9am. I was like Seriously tomorrow?? Like really really tomorrow.. I showed my lack of ability to make a doll cake after working full day and made excuses about the time, resources,  All in vain, I could not refuse the last minute cake order. Somehow she was super confident that this is my left hand job and I can do it. I finally agreed as I wanted to believe her in believing I could do it.

So with instructions from the young princess, I set to work. She wanted 2 roses and a pink cake. And a Doll cake. Wow!!!! At 6 years she was so focused on her wants, it amazed me. I used a chocolate boxed mix and replaced the water with buttermilk and baked the cake in the doll mold.

 The doll is the insert you find in craft stores. The dress is made by hand by melting a soft chewable starburst candy. The roses and the bow is made with pink colored white chocolate fondant. Skirt is Icing with whipped cream pudding frosting

Whipped Cream icing can be made by using simply Heavy Whipping Cream and Conf Sugar,, The Rec is as Follows..
One Cup heavy Whipping Cream
Half Cup Conf Sugar
**One packet Instant pudding mix. OR IF desired One Packet Unflavored Gelatin dissolved in water.-- OPTIONAL

Take a bigger bowl and keep some ice cubes in that.. Over the cubes place anr bowl. Take one cup cream and add sugar and Pudding mix( if needed )... and beat with electric mixer for about 5-7 mins on medium till soft peaks are on the blade. The icing is ready.
Hope you all like my efforts and enjoy making such cakes for your family and loved ones.  The smile she gave me after looking at the cake was worth wining the jackpot for me. I was extremely satisfied that I could pull off this cake in less than 3 hours after reaching home from work and not compromising any of my homemaker duties. Thanks you again Rakhee Ji for the confidence and Rucha for the mouth publicity of my work.



Radhika said...

thats a lovely effort my dear! have shared it on my facebook wall, and people liked it too! looking forward to more innovations on ur cakes

Manasi said...

I never got a Barbie too. 'ashi kay hi bahuli, shii?" I to had a sweet faced plump one who closed and opened her eyes. I managed to spoil her, as a consequence, I was never gifted another!
I think I like this edible doll much better ;) I wish I was near you, I'd have liked to come and watch u make it.

Neelam said...

I love the way you write your posts .I can see the smile on the girls face after seeing this cake..Keep it up..

Shirley Tay said...

Another doll cake?? Gosh, u're tempting me with all your cartoon creations, my dear!

Priya said...

Wow doll cake looks extremely cute and gorgeous. Beautifully done.

Balvinder Ubi said...

Thank God the alarm did not go other wise it would be more embarrassing!

Did I see your first doll cake? I remember spider man and angry birds cakes. If you had been here I would have requested you for a doll cake ,too.