Methi Paratha

Rec Source: Cook @ Heart Blog

I am blessed with some precious gems in my life. One such gem is a Manasi of Cook @ Heart. She is very patient and has helped me countless times with her sound advice, blogging tips and even sat with me for couple of hours at odd times of the clock to help me learn the fine tunings of blogging. When in doubt, my fingers dial her number and help is on my way before even the 911 reach me. This happened to me sometime back when in all enthusiasm I got the bunch of methi /fenugreek leaves, washed and cleaned them and suddenly went blank with what I am doing with those. Like a programmed robot, I speed dialed her number and asked her for the recipe. The good heart that she is, she could have shoved me off by saying see my blog dumb head, but NO she did not do that, she waited on the call, till I had the dough ready, guiding me there and helping me make that nights dinner. It is really amusing that 2 girls who have not yet seen each other and have communicated only via emails/phone calls can bond in such an awesome way!!! Blogging has introduced me to some very unique personalities and am in awe of such people who blog about what they care/love and have  a never give up attitude.This has also been the right push for the lazy Ash to post more regularly.

If you need the recipe, you will have to jump on to Cook@Heart and see what an awesome girl, she is and what amazing food she is whipping up in her kitchen. This is what My methi partathas looked like, and even before I could arrange the sides and think of taking pictures, my kids gobbled the rolls.

Thanks Manasi, for this lovely recipe and for being there for me, whenever I needed you and even when the times you were rushing off somewhere, you waited to answer my doubts and anxieties. You are one of the nine gems in Ashland.

Another series of Thank you's are in order. Special Thanks for Aparna of Square Meals for sharing most of the awards she has earned. She is always kind to think about me.

Renuka of Pinch of Salt also shared this same award with me.

'Liebster' means favorite or dearest in German.
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These are the rules, but as I said again, there are way too many gems in Ahsland to pick few and leave some, I am sharing it with you all. Simply leave me a comment and I will pass it on to you.

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