Elmo Cake---

MY Son turned " 3" this Month.. so as all kids he wanted a Special cake for home bday.. school I made this cake for his School friends.. they were a bunch of delighted toddlers.. they literally pounced on me when I entered the class with ELMO...By Far the most popular Character in this age group.....I just cannot forget the feeling I get, when 20 pairs of eyes shine with amusement and smiles that go form ear to ear....They all now want me to bake this Cake for their bdays... as well!!!!!!

Hope you bake this for your little ones!!!!

I baked my fav Choc Date Cake without nuts-- as I feel it is by far the healthiest cake I have ever baked before....

and frosted this cake with regular whipped cream frosting.....

Till I bake again,
Love Ash.
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