Superhero Bday cake

This is a Cake which I baked for a Friends Daughters superhero party. My friend gave me the picture and I had to copy the same cake. Initialy I thought it to be a piece of cake, but my inepxerience and  take into acocunt the heat and humidity on a hot July day, the cake looked a bit messy, but I was super delighted with the superhero had my Boys envying the cake more than any thing I baked so far....I baked 2 cakes of 10 inch and 6 inch each, and hand carved the 6inch cake to look like a Superman logo. The logo and the batman logos are all done free hand in gel icing. The board I covered with red icing and did the web in colored sugar to resemble  a knitted web.. overall the cake took a lot of time and efforts and I was deeply satisfied with the job.

Love Ash.
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