Elmo Cupcakes

My friends Son Turned 3 this July. As all kids his age he is fascinated with Elmo and SS gang.. but Elmo is his hot hot fav...his underpant has Elmo, his Tshirt has Elmo and enything evrything Elmo is a huge hit with i decided to bake him these supercute Elmo cupcakes. BUt wnated to try a different version of the cake as Most of us are Vegeterians, so my search to an tried and tested rec. came to an halt at Aayi's rec blogspot.. am in awe of the this is her rec.. only change I made was used Eno--Fruit Salt instead of the baking pwdr and the results were awesome... for the cake rec.;

am planning on making cookie monsters also along with these Elmo's for my sons 3 rd bday in school....wht say... please pour in your suiggestions and do try these out.. they are super cool for any party any age kids........
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