Mini-Van Cake

It is Holday time here in US currently and adding to the celebration was my nephew's First Birthday. So as always I was responsible for the cake. Now the main Q? before us was which cake would make the little guys eyes shine with excitement? His brothers shouted in one voice how about making a mini van as he isused to that and this means going out.

Kids sometimes think that their Mom is a Fairy, who can just turn things by waving the magic son maybe thought the same when he came up with this idea too...MY biggest challenge was assembling the cake and managing the small details. Not being a Auto-Freak, I do not observe the cars as much as my boys do. Beisdes the Birthdya boy likes the colour green.. so we managed this cake which looks like a Mini-Van but does need some TLC. Maybe, I need to make a couple more and start obeserving the minute details.

Till then, HO HO HO

The cake is a baisc cake and by now you must be knowing that I use only whipped cream icing for all my cakes. I like the light tatse of sugar and cream as against the heaviness and sugary tase of buttercream icing.

The link to the whipped cream icng is;

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