This is a question that has haunted me since ages.. When I was a kid.. I was asked; Who am I???. and I would say... I am a girl.. who is free to think wht she wants to think, free to do what she wants to dooo.. but today after many years I still come back to the same Q....Am i really Free to do wht I feel like.. Am i really free.. Free this word has many aspects to it.. meanings to it.. what is the purpose of our life.. why did god create humans...why not make them like any other animals/creatures..i see people seeking god....people join iscon movement.. saying thy are followers of specific group, organization...wht does this mean.. are they not followers of humanity..human race was supposed to be one.. was this god's design when he created humans. so many Q's which have no answers...As kids we were taught recitals from Geeta.. at that tender age we did memorize them, without daring to ask the meaning...all the stories that we were told had good guys killing bad guys.. all the mythological stores from Mahabharata and Ramayana had blood shed, war, demons. and yet we do call our GOd's GODDDD.. OMG...what an impact did we have.. God was justified in killing bad guysss.. and we do it we have cops running after us.....y this discrimination??? after all did GOd not want us to have ba dguys washed thoughts run helter skelter when my grey matter starts asking Q's....thees Q's have no basis.. they keep jumping from one chapter to thoughts are like a wild bee.. with no less flowers to much work so little time.. again Y do we meet people.... is there any purpose with which we come across them.. many many Q's and again so little many Y's and so few ANS's
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