Rava Vegetable Upma

MY friend a very young friend just landed to USA for his further education. So this gave me an idea to help him by writing some rec.. which are easy to make and yet healthy and FAST!!!So all rec's under this label are a gift to many new and inspiring chefs....

Reva Upma;
You will need;
One cup Rava/Sooji
One small Onion..(diced means chopped into small pieces)
One tomato-diced
One green chili..cut into small pieces
3 -4 curry leaves..kadi putta..
one tbspn oil
one tsp salt and one tsp sugar

Ina pan over low heat..take one tspn oil.. now add the sooji or rava.. and roast this.. stir continuously.. the sooji will turn slightly brown.. now remove this on a dish...now take the remaining oil.. make tadka..(Optional)....now add the onions, tomatoes.. any veggies like cauliflower florets/carrots/beans/corn/peas( veggies is optional).... now add the chilies and the curry leaves...lastly add the roasted sooji.. Simultaneously..in anr pan take two cups of water add grated ginger if you like...boil this well..add the hot water to the sooji mixture nd cover with a lid...cook for abt 5-7 mins till it gets cooked well..the upma is ready.. this is enough for one person.
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