Tila Chya wadya

As promised I am back with the fool proof rec for Tila chya Wadya Brahman Style. These are soft sweets made from Til and Gul. A must have for Sankrant. We have haldi kunku during the sankranti festival and this is the main thing apart form "Vann", which is a small Gift which is given to bring sweetness in any relation....as per my DM.

You will need;
3 cups of mashed Gul or Jaggery
3tbspn water
2 cups Roasted Sesame powder-Til
1 cup roasted Crushed peanuts
1 cup roasted Dry Coconut
Elaichi -1 tspn

Add the dry powders + Elaichi and mix well.
On low flame, mix the gul and water in a pan. Heat on very low flame till the jaggery melts and the mix is sticky. The mix should be slightly sticky to dry fingers.. not very sticky. add the dry mix to this.

Grease a cookie sheet with some ghee, and pour this mixture and spread in a thin layer. cut the shape of the wadi and let cool for about two hours. Once cooled , break the pieces and store in box.
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