Stir Fry idli

I am a big fan of this Snack, an all time favourite with my kids, DH and anyone I know. Everyone likes Idli. My younger son goes to a daycare and his teachers it seems are a big fan of Indian Food. I always thought that Indian food was not liked by many Americans coz of the spice and chili that we used. So here I made this Stir Fried Idli for my Son's Teachers on a cold and chilly morning, hoping that the aroma and flavour of spice would warm up their day. After all they do so much for my little hero, this was a very little something from me.You will need;Coin Idli or Bite size pieces of Idli-- You can use leftovers if you have on handOnions, Capsicum, Red Peppers and any other vegetable that you like which can be used in any other stir fired rec..I had Peppers and onions which I had chopped for some thing else handy..Salt to taste, little sugar, and PAV BHAJI Masala.Crank up the heat on a big wok, Add little oil, jeera if u like, and veggies, on high heat caramelize them, then add salt, sugar and masala, fry a little, and then lastly add idli's... Stir fry for 2-3 mins... and Voila.. u have the stir fried idli's... THe spice can be adjusted to your taste, garlic and ginger can be added... Since this was my first exp in cooking for Americans, I went shy on the spice and chili and also number of ingredients ..."I am sending this entry to "A Healthy Bite" event hosted by Rachana at "The Gourmet Launchpad" ("

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