Hello Sweeties!!! Yesterday I made herbed paneer, but the joy of being able to make paneer at home is addictive. So today I again made some chenna/paneer, but made it even better by making rasmalai. Rasmalai is melt n the mouth paneer balls dipped in a sweet cream/milk pudding.

You will need;
to make Paneer for Rasgullah 

1 ltrs Full Fat/Whole Milk
3 tbspn White Distilled vinegar
Cloth to strain and tie the milk

Boil 1 ltr milk. When it comes to a slow boil, reduce heat and start adding the vinegar tbspn by tbspn. I needed 3 tbsps to get the milk to tear and the whey to separate.When the whey and the milk solids separate, drain the solids in a cotton cloth and save the whey. 

This whey can be used for other recipes. I will post few as and how I use it.  Wash the milk solids to remove the sourness from the vinegar, squeeze the cloth with the milk solids and remove as much water out as possible. Tie it around the cotton cloth and keep weight over it to form a cheese ball. Once set for 2-3 hrs the paneer is ready to be used.

Making Rasgullah

You will need;
Paneer from 1 ltr Milk-As Above
5 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 tspn kewra Water-Optional

Take the paneer and crumble it and knead it. The paneer should be kneaded till there are no wrinkles in it and it is so soft that the balls are markfree. I kneaded the paneer for 3-5 mins. I got around 9 medium  balls.

In a wide mouth pan take 5 cups water and add 1 cup sugar to make syrup. When the syrup comes to a rapid boil, start adding the rolled paneer balls over the boil, take care that the pan is big enough and they have enough room to swim and not break. The balls will grow bigger a sand how they cook. Cover and let cook on low heat for 8-10 minutes. The ras gullahs are ready. Add in a tspn of kewra water to the syrup for essence.

Making Rabdi
3/4 ltr Whole Milk
1 cup Sugar
2tbspn rice flour
1 tspn Cardamom powder
Nuts Powdered, or Everest Milk masala.-Optional

In a pan take 1/2 ltr milk and boil it on slow heat. In anr bowl take the 1/4 ltr milk, add in the rice flour and the sugar and stir well, till the rice flour and the milk mixture are lumpfree. Add this to the 1/2 ltr milk and mix well. 

Stir continuously, burnt milk is a disaster to clean and make the rabdi smell bad. The rice flour is  a cheat to make the rabdi, but in this fast paced life, little cheat is doable. The Milk will thicken in about 10-12 mins. Switch off the flame and stir for another 5 mins. 

The Rabdi is ready. I flavored it with kewra water to tie the Rasgullah and the rabdi together.

In a serving dish, take rasgullah; squeeze out as much sugar syrup out as possible, Pour the rabdi till the rasgullah are well coated. Chill for 2-3 hrs. The colder they get better they taste. Or Alternatively add in the rasgullahs to the rabdi and chill the entire bowl.

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