Celebrating 400th post with Eggless Almond Butter Choc Cake

Eggless Almond Butter Choc Cake
Hello Sweetpeas!!! This post is a thank you to all my dear readers and well wishers. This recipe is a gift for each and every one of you on the occasion of 400th post on indulge. 

I am as surprised as you are as we continue our journey through 400 recipes and 6 years. I wish for us to keep cooking and learning new recipes in future too.

As you might have noticed, I have changed my diet and started going Organic where I can afford and it does not rip my monthly budget,  also started baking eggless since some time. This is my old tried and tested nutella date cake minus the nutella and dates. 

I have been reading many controversial reviews about how bad nutella is; so instead of trashing the whole idea of not ever using my favorite nutella, I mixed in the dark cocoa powder with almond butter and almond milk. My New instant nutella with almonds was born. I might not buy a bottle again!!! Anyways, back to where I meant to be;

You will need;
3/4th cup Organic Almond milk
3 tbspn Organic Almond butter
Raw Sugar- 1 Cup
Oil- 1/2 Half Cup
4tsp Dark Cocoa powder
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 Cup Maida/Organic  All Purpose Flour
1 tspn ENO-(Fruit Salt)

Make  a paste of sugar and oil, stir well till sugar dissolves. Raw sugar takes some time to dissolve. Then add in the almond milk, almond butter and dark cocoa powder. Mix well. 

Then add the flour  one big spoon at a time.. keep whisking it till all the flour and the wet mix gets incorporated....lastly add ENO. Stir gently.

In a well greased pan, pour the mix and bake in a pre-heated oven @ 350F.. for about 35-40 mins or till the knife comes out clean. I used my favorite rose muffin mould. 

There is something happy about roses for me. Enjoy the cake and don't forget to come back for some more easy recipes.


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