Pani Puri/Puchka/GolGappa

Pani Puri/Puchka/GolGappa

Hello Dearies!!! Now that we are at the start of the summer months, I am back with a series of chaat basics. Indian women and chat ( spelt  as Chaa-aat) have a deep and strong bond. 

Pani puri is one of my 2 Am snacks. I mean I usually don't eat at that time of the night, but if I ever wake up for food, it has to be pani puri.  Its easy to make if you have basic stuff handy. One is the basic green chutney and other is date and tamarind chutney or Khajoor chi chutney.  

If I have these 2 chutneys in my fridge, any time of the day or night can be turned into a chaat night. Another staple is a recent find in my local Indian grocery store; the microwaveable Pani Puri puris. 

They are super easy and a minute or so in the micro puffs them into nice rounds of puris. They are way off from the deep fried semolina puris, but hey its the thoughts that count. 

The assembly was so easy, that my kids served these gol gappas/pani puris. They might have forgotten adding the chutneys in a few, but for me they were the best I have had so far.

You will need;
 1 packet the microwaveable pani puris or ready made puris. ***Deep fried ready to use are also  available in packets in 50-100 count in any Indian grocery store. 
Sprouted Moong/Mung bean- Lightly steamed
Boiled Potato- mashed + sprinkled with some pani puri masala
Green chutney
Date and tamarind Chutney

To Make Spicy and tangy pani
1 Litre cold water
few mint leaves
1 tbspn green chutney
1 tbspn date and tamarind chutney
Black Salt and
Pani puri masala as per taste

In a pitcher, combine the ingredients from the list to make tangy water and muddle the mint leaves and  set aside in a cool place. I usually do this ahead of time and usually keep this water for 3-4 hrs in a fridge  for all flavors to mix well.

In a plate arrange the puris, make holes in the centers fill the hollow with spouted moong bean, boiled potatoes, green and date chutney and dip this whole puri in the tangy water and eat right away. The stuffed puri fill the mouth and makes it fun to eat. Levels of heat can be adjusted by using the sweet date or  spicy green chutney in the stuffed puri.

The way my mom served us was make us sit around her in 2 pairs on each side and  go in a pattern serving one kid at a time, by the time the first pair stuffed its mouths, the second pair was served.  This was a tedious job, but she oh so lovingly did it and even does it so today!!!

I, for a change was served by my boys with one stuffing the puris and other filling it with water. Using hands to dip in tangy water freaked my son and he used a deep spoon to fill the puris. However slow and  meticulous job he did, with stopping in between, cleaning every drop that spilled; it brought great pride and pleasure to a moms heart. Thank God for such loving Kids!!!


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