Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow Fondant
Hello Sweeties!!!! Distance makes the hearts grow fonder!! so they keep telling us. I have been missing since some time, hopefully you missed me. Today, I am back after a short break with a lip smacking recipe for fondant.

We never liked fondant for its tastes, but things you can do with the rolled ball of sugar makes me using it more often than I intend to.

The store brought fondant is good for use, but the costs keeps me away from it. I am frugal in ways, I mean if you are not going to eat it, use for short while and ultimately throw it away, why spend tons for the looks.

Making my own fondant was on my mind since long. I ultimately landed on this recipe and its  a keeper for sure. I am daring to make a candy crush cake based on the game app that is currently having everyone hooked on it.

I would be making this cake for Mr. Ash. Not because he plays this game, but only because his birthday is coming up before mine. Do let me know how far or close I am getting to the candies; shapes and colors.
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