Doodhi Halwa-BottleGourd Halwa

Bottle Gourd Halwa
Hello Sweeties!!!! Sorry for being MIA, but life at time takes over and you just go with its flow. To make up for that, I bring to you some sweetness and some health from my kitchen to yours. 

Make this Doodhi halwa to please some sweet craving without missing on the health. Except the vegetable, there is nothing that can be termed healthy, but who cares, as long its something sweet and something tasty.

You will need;
1 Small Bottle Gourd/Doodhi- Skin peeled and grated
Approx 2.5 cups
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 Tbspn Ghee/clarified Butter
1.5 cups sugar
1 Tspn elaichi/Cardamom powder
Nuts to garnish

In a heavy bottom pan, heat the ghee, add the grated doodhi, cream and let cook over medium/low heat. Stir in between, keep cooking for 10-15 mins, taking care that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. 

After it gets cooked, the cream should have evaporated by now; add the sugar and the elaichi powder and let cook again till the sugar dissolves and the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. The halwa is done, garnish with nuts. I completely forgot about it, but no issues, the halwa was tasty without any. 

Desserts like gajar and doodhi halwa are marriages made in heaven when served with hot halwa and cold vanilla ice cream. Do try this combo and update me via comments or FB.


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