Ukkala Tea- Cold and Cough remedy- Mumbai Special Ukkala Cutting chai

Mumbai special Ukkala cutting chai
Hello Sweeties!! Are you all set for the big Thanksgiving feast and shopping frenzy after the holiday!!! We did not celebrate this holiday nor had heard much about it back home, till the time we came here few odd years ago.

TG and BF like everything else  has changed. I remember my first TG in NJ, when I saw people camping out of stores like Best buy and Walmart through the night as these stores opened in the wee hours of dawn like 4Am and 5Am Friday morning.

Lists and lists were exchanged and a fool proof plan was activated about who would shop at which store, what followed over the weekend was  settling tabs and  claiming electronics for guys, home ware/clothes toys etc for girls.

Stores never opened the evening or even midnight and TG was  a federal Holiday for all. I am awed and at times sad at the way the shopping timings have changed, last year stores opened around mid night. but this year its TG evening.

I saw a JCPenny commercial where it said dishes can wait just  eat and run and shop. TG was meant to be family/friends time, eat at peace, talk and chat into the night. It's becoming a Fast TG like Fast food, and maybe drive-in TG is not far away.

To brave the cold and gusty winds and deal with all the outdoor shopping running from one store to another, make this Ukkala/Tea and carry with you in thermos and warm up your bones.

I learnt to make this from a tea vendor outside my office in Mumbai, who would make kick ass Ukkala Tea that could be added to normal tea. We often had it when it rained and we were little under the weather.

You will need;   
1/2 Cup water
1/2 Cup milk- preferably skim or low fat
1 Green Cardamom-Crushed with skin and pod  
2 Cloves  
1/2 inch stick Cinnamon  
1/2 inch Ginger grated  
1/2 tsp Lemon grass-Fresh or dried
1 Tspn basil Leaves or dried Tulsi Seeds 
1 tea bag 
Honey to taste

In a small pot, take the water and add the above except the honey, heat over medium heat and let the ukakala boil, till the spices give out the extract and the liquid changes to a slightly green color.

Pour the mixture through a sieve in a cup, add in the tea bag 
add the honey and enjoy the Ukkala Tea.

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