Rose Water Infused Cofee Soap.

Rose water soap
Hello Dearies!!! I have made and send soap to a few of my trusted friends recently. I needed some opinion of how and what changes I needed to make. Some of them said no changed are needed while someone suggested if they had some kind of exfoliate in them, the soap would be a great scrub. Your wish was my command, I set the grey in my brain to work. I though of adding oats first, then backed out as I did not find any oats that were ground so fine. I searched my pantry to find any thing that would work, I found filter coffee, rose water, milled flax seed and some sesame oil. So with these ingredients, I set to work.

The wonder never ceases as I can mix and change according to my mood and fancy. Its as easy as 1-2 -3. Video link for melt and pour.
1- Melt
2- Add and stir
3. Pour and set in molds.

This batch I made is of rose water and filter coffee. I had made my homemade rose water that needed to be put to use, what better than soap. Next batch is likely to be with shea butter, cream, turmeric along with some sesame oil. 

Wish me luck and join me in this wonderful world of home made soap. The options and combinations are endless. Soap and lotion making has given me a good insight in things I can do and make in my home with everyday ingerdients. Do you have any tested recipes and home spa remedies that you have been practicing at home? Share them in Comments, looking forward to hearing all your tips and practices.

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