Guacamole on a Sandwich- An Avocado a day!!

Avocado sandwich

Hello Sweeties!! Greetings from Ashland!!! Todays post is all about eating good fat. Fat is as important as protein in our everyday diet. 

No Food is bad per se, its the enormous amounts we stuff ourselves with which we need to cut down on. Ghee is much needed part of a desi diet, rich in diary and vit D, the sunshine vitamin

This has been proven in Ashland as Ms. Ash loves her ghee and  has a teaspoon of it everyday like a religion. Mr. Ash not so much; Dr asked him to start the Vit D supplement even when he runs and exercises like that is  his religion.

So to prove my point and irritate him just a bit, I am disguising ghee in the tempering for subji's and dals also now. Cut down the fat in candies and cakes I say. 

Avocado was new to me when I came here, having tasted Guacamole in restaurants and licking the bowl clean, but the fruit  kind of overwhelmed me, how to open it and how to remove the flesh was something I never got to until, we got Food Network home.

Rachael Ray was using it almost 3 times a week in her cooking and such a cute healthy chef was really someone I could ignore for long. The way she explained on how to choose the fruit and cut it, it was no more of an anxiety situation for me.

Now we make Guacamole fairly often and enjoy it as a dip for chips, with a puhlka and even on a bread. I know weird but it tastes just fine. Even Subway has been  promoting it now. There is a reason for that, just am not sure of what right now.

Health benefits of Avocado can be read here.

You will need;
Flesh of 2 Ripe Avocado's
1 Med Tomato chopped
1 Med Onion chopped
1 Tbspn Cilantro chopped
1tspn Lemon Juice
Salt and Sugar to taste
Cumin -Optional

In a bowl, mash the avocado flesh, cover with the lime juice, this will help in keeping it green, (or it will oxidize like any fruit like apple or banana), add the chopped  onion, tomato, cilantro, salt and sugar and  cumin and  let sit for 10-12 minutes. After that, stir well or mash with your fork, your Guacamole is ready to be served.

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